My icon, a figure with a crystal head overing above a jacketed figure


source code for a lot of these can be found on my codeberg or github. I'm in the process of moving all of my projects to codeberg and only using github for contributing to other people's projects.

  • {knowledge} - my obsidian wiki of all of the notes I have taken since around January 2021
  • {Intergalactic Singles Night} - a weird dating sim prototype made with Godot for the Godot Wild Jam 48.
  • {derailed} - a casual puzzle game make in the dragonfly ASCII engine with C++, a collaborative project between me and my friend Skye
  • {A Quarter Past 5} - a short visual novel made in Ren'Py that takes place in an arcade during the apocalypse
  • {flipworld} - a tiny tech demo of a gravity switching platformer made in 4 hours on a stream in Godot
  • {birdz browser} - an experimental game made in Godot for a class replicating the experience of browsing an alternate version of the 90s/early2000s web
  • {the dark tower} - a short 2D game made in godot during the "My First Game Jam" to help me better learn Godot
  • {The Folley of Babel} - small 2 player word game made for microfictiongamesjam 2
  • {monster purge} - an arcade style platformer made in Unity with a team during the digipen pre-college program 2019.
  • {youtube} - my channel, mostly for uploading vods of my streams, but will have more edited content in the future
  • {twitch} - my twitch channel, where I stream coding sessions, music making, and more
  • {food not bombs recipes} - a collection hearty, cheap, vegetarian recipes that I developed while working with food not bombs
  • {cvlt th1nk} - a short lived ambient project I made while learning Propellerhead Reason